Live your life the Yacon way.

Whenever we think of a tried and tested way of losing weight, these days a fit individual would talk about gym. But then there are these people who were not just as lucky to go to the gym as the others and had to work with ease…Yes, you got that right, with plenty of ease because they believed in smart work rather than hard work and that is what made them fit today without any workouts which was nearly impossible Continue Reading ››

“WW4W”…..Who, What, When, Where, How?

Get a little rebellious this winter! Commit a fashion faux-pas ~ wear white after Labour Day! “Wear White 4 Windfall” is a new public awareness and fundraising initiative from Windfall Clothing Service, Canada’s only NEW clothing bank. Companies participate by encouraging employees to wear something white on Thursday, January 26, 2006; Volunteers are enlisted from within the companies to run the campaign in their own locations, e.g. in the lobby or in the lunch room; Extra money can be raised Continue Reading ››